Witness Examination Competition

Warwick Bar Society presents to you its inaugural Witness Examination Competition!

It is without a doubt that the Cross-Examination and Examination-in-Chief are the most exciting parts of a trial, and the ability to dissect an argument made by a witness can determine whether a case is won or lost.

So if you want to pursue a career at the Bar, or indeed any career where one has to debate or present an argument, then this competition is an excellent opportunity to improve your advocacy and presentation skills.

The Witness Examination Competition allows those students who want to work on their advocacy skills to do so in a different environment to mooting.

You will be competing in a team of two people. All teams will consist of one barrister and one witness and each member will perform in both roles throughout the competition. Every team will be given the same problem in advance of the first round of the competition.

The competition is open to students from all year groups and all courses. You can either sign up as a pair or as a single competitor. If you choose to enter as a single competitor then you will be assigned a partner.

The dates of the competition are as follows:

– The preliminary rounds will be held from 30th January-3rd February (Week 4 of Term 2).
– The knockout stages will be held on Monday 6th and Tuesday 7th February (Week 5).
– The final will be held on Wednesday 8th February (Week 5).

The PRIZE for 1st place is £50 and the finalists’ names engraved on the competition shield!

The DEADLINE to sign up for the competition is SUNDAY 22ND JANUARY 2017.’

Send in your names, Year group, course and tabula timetable to executive@warwickbarsociety.com

This is the first year in which Warwick Bar Society has launched the Witness Examination Competition. We hope it will give all those aspiring advocates a chance to test their skills in a new environment and way at the University of Warwick.

Here is a link to the Witness Examination Competition Guidebook: witness-examination-guide