Executive Committee

2018/19 Academic Year

Katie Duffy | President

Tamara Scipio | Vice President

Nahima Parvin | Events Coordinator

Ross Watkins | Events Coordinator

Jordan Sangha | Publicity Officer

Rebecca Ludden | First Year Officer


2017/18 Academic Year

Holly Girven | President


Alesha Ghani | Vice President


Ojinika Efobi | Events Officer


Katie Duffy | Events Officer


Claudia Nyon | Publicity Officer

IMG_2009 copy

Meghan-Marie Arapakis | First Year Officer


2016/17 Academic Year

Alice Newman | President

Nathan Baylis | Vice President

Demi Joannides | Events Coordinator

Anisha Shah | Events Coordinator

Karanvir Singh Sagoo | Publicity Officer

Holly Girven | First Year Officer


2015/16 Academic Year

Divya Puri | President

Nathan Baylis | General Secretary

Alice Newman | Events Coordinator

Harriet Ho | Events Coordinator

Erika Grimshaw | Publicity Officer


2014/15 Academic Year

Yasmin Hughes-Pugh | President

Sam Hayday | General Secretary and Information Officer

Luke Tallis | Events Coordinator

Aman Atti | Events Coordinator

Bharat Jangra | Publicity Officer


2013/14 Academic Year

Anthony Searle | Founder and President

Caitlin Jenkins | Vice President

Lauren Mitchell | Senior Events Coordinator

Bethany Adams | Events Coordinator

Divya Puri | Public Relations Officer

Yasmin Hughes-Pugh | Information Officer


Founding Executive Committee 2012/13

Anthony Searle | Founder and President

Vinesh Mistry | Public Relations Officer

Amy Carlse | Information Officer

Caitlin Jenkins | External Events Coordinator

Lauren Mitchell | Internal Events Coordinator



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