A subsidiary of Warwick Law Society


   Dedicated to supporting aspiring barristers.

Warwick Bar Society was established in 2012 in order to foster a community of aspiring barristers at the University of Warwick.

As a subsidiary of Warwick Law Society, we have the benefit of being part of one of the largest and most energetic societies on campus. We hope to encourage students, both law and non-law, to consider the Bar, and to support and encourage those who already have their hearts set on this area of the legal profession.

The Bar Society provides students with helpful guidance and information on the realities of a career at the Bar. The process can be long and daunting, and the profession continues to face new challenges. We endeavour to guide students on their path to the Bar, and help them to develop individually and collectively through shared experiences of the profession.

The opportunity to hear drink and dine with a variety of barristers, visit chambers across the country, and familiarise yourself with the Inns of Court are among the many things we offer. We intend to engender a small but strong community by creating an enjoyable, interesting, and vibrant collegiate atmosphere.

Our guest speakers have included a former Chairman of the Criminal Bar Association and Head of Chambers; a Chambers Director of one of the country’s most formidable sets; a top immigration judge and Bencher of one of the Inns of Court; the Co-Chair of the Employed Bar Committee; Queen’s Counsel; directors of several of the BPTC courses; and many Warwick alumni who practise at the Bar.

Our most notable events include our  our various Days in the City, our first ever Witness Examination Competition, and our Annual Networking Dinner. Our members also attend open days at various chambers and BPTC providers, as well as the National Pupillage Fair, external talks, and formal dinners at the Inns of Court. This includes a visit to Gray’s Inn where many of our members were privileged to meet the incumbent Supreme Court President, Baroness Hale.

If black letter law, workplace independence, and advocacy are for you, ensure to attend one of our numerous events. 

Please contact us via warwickbarsoc@gmail.com for any general enquiries.

*Membership to this society is therefore guaranteed by membership to the University of Warwick Law Society (https://www.warwicksu.com/societies/law/).